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Maxwell Drever – Innovator | Leader

Maxwell Drever has developed or repositioned more than 42,000 multifamily apartments during a career that now spans five decades. In this time, his visionary leadership has come to define contrarian impact real estate investing. Now, as chairman emeritus of Drever Atelier Partners, Maxwell continues to grow the Drever Legacy.

Maxwell Drever established early on that his lifes work would be defined by the maxim “doing well by doing good”. What he did not know was that Affordable Workforce Housing, and the many synergies it created, would be the means through which he would fulfill on the promises he made to himself and, as he would soon find out, so many others. Why? Because the workforce platform drew enlightened investors interested in both above average returns, and the opportunity to “do good” by contributing to the development of communities that would soon offer affordable rents, safe schools, stable finances, and the promise to residents of these communities that they would be provided with the opportunity to take part in the American Dream.

Maxwell Drever is a true believer in the importance of wellness. In his ninth decade, he remains a year-round swimmer around the San Francisco Bay, always without a wetsuit. Have seven children have followed suit, with varying commitments to wellness, aging, and eldercare.

Maxwell Drever believes that effective philanthropy is most powerful when targeted toward individual interests. The work of the Drever Family Foundation, Village to Village Network, and the Voice of America Learning Center prove this out.


 Maxwell Drever
Maxwell Drever

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Maxwell Drever

Maxwell Drever is the co-founder of Drever Capital Management. Maxwell’s aptitude in speculation the executives has permitted Maxwell to effectively contribute billions of dollars all throughout the planet for both private and corporate financial backers. Maxwell accepts that each financial backer merits admittance to top notch ventures.

Drever Capital Management sponsors construction and financial programs for non-profit organizations throughout the world, including Maxwell Drever’s Maxwell Drever Foundation. To know more read his personal website

About Maxwell

For over five decades, Maxwell Drever has been one of the country’s leading proponents of contrarian impact real estate investing. Among his many accomplishments, the repositioning and development of 47,000+ multifamily apartment complexes, the single-handed restoration of several troubled communities, and the full retention of his idealism, which is always on display through his lifelong love of the ESG-inspired mantra, “doing well by doing good.”

Maxwell has dedicated his career to serving the seemingly underserved workforce demographic through socially responsible real estate investing. The redevelopments he has spearheaded are acquired as “broken” properties and end up resort-like, as affordable workforce housing complexes.

Over the years, the Drever name has become synonymous with value-added real estate investing. Maxwell holds this fact dear and puts everything into helping his investors earn above-average returns.

Maxwell Drever

With that said, he is well known for his ability to find value and control risk. His $3.2 billion in lifetime deal experience, covering 20 primary markets, confirms this fact. His successes have featured stories covering his life and career in news outlets such as The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News, Forbes Magazine, Reuters, The Financial Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

As a child, Maxwell was, in his words, “an anemic, asthmatic wimp with ADHD and a mischievous streak.” One of the first outlets he found to apply his boundless energy was founding a mushroom farm in the basement of his family home in Geneva, IL. However, this enterprise was short-lived because his parents began objecting to the extreme means he went to show his hungry young mushrooms loving care. (they objected to the manure he brought into the house). Nevertheless, he pursued his childhood entrepreneurial dreams by founding a gardening business and a service that painted house numbers on curbs. If you asked Maxwell today where his philanthropic passions for assisting the health and education of underserved youth originated, he would point to the many challenges he faced during his boyhood.

Maxwell Drever attended Lake Forest Academy during his high school years. Here, he excelled at sports, captaining his school’s football, wrestling, and track teams. The leadership skills he acquired at Lake Forest established the foundations for his future business success. Maxwell went on to attend the University of Illinois, graduating with a B.A. in Finance. While initially planning to study accounting and become a CPA, he found himself drawn to Real Estate and the concept that it was possible to work outside of a corporate environment (circa the 1960s) and accumulate great wealth.

Maxwell found himself in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1960s. It was here that he began making his first real estate investments. One of his initial ventures took place while working as a Bay Area Real Estate Agent. He took note of a glut of neglected apartment buildings in Sausalito and smelled an opportunity. Spurred to action, he found nine partners to join him in putting up $5,000 each to purchase a dilapidated triplex. He and one partner renovated the building together, then subdivided and sold the land. He and his investors made a 400 percent return.

His career in responsible investing took shape in early 1970’s Seattle with the transformation of 17 troubled complexes into desirable apartment communities for families with workforce-level incomes. By the 1980s, Maxwell had become one of the largest buyers of distressed properties in the nation, and in the aftermath of the Banking and Thrift crisis, one of the RTC’s go-to buyers of multifamily housing. By the 1990s, Maxwell Drever was amongst the largest buyers of apartment complexes in Texas and one of Houston’s biggest landlords. 

Maxwell is a doer, never shying away from investments that meet his precise specifications. And when he invests, he is fully committed to creating something unique. The 170,000 apartments he has successfully owned or built across the nation are a testament to the talents of this remarkable man.

Maxwell is the proud father of seven wonderful and talented children (his sons Noah and Galen have followed him into the Real Estate business). He is also an exceptionally active senior. Amongst his favorite activities are hiking, biking, nature photography, horticulture, paddle-boarding, weightlifting, and of course, the activity for which he is most famous, swimming year-round in San Francisco Bay without the aid of a wetsuit. 

Maxwell serves as Chairman Emeritus for both Drever Capital Management and Drever Atelier Partners. In his ninth decade, he retains his passion for assisting the health and education of underserved youth and bringing awareness to all issues concerning eldercare health. Finally, Maxwell Drever continues to exude excitement as he continues his quest to grow the Drever Legacy.

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