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As far back as he can remember, Maxwell Drever has been passionate about business. He grew up in a family where his father instilled in him the importance of financial discipline and regularly reminded him that opportunities are always there for those who worked hard and work smart. What is Affordable Workforce Housing? Affordable workforce housing is the key to improving the lives of millions of individuals and families currently living in metropolitan areas across the United States. In particular, lower-income families benefit, most specifically because it provides the worker with nearby access to the place where he or she is employed. The term “workforce” defines residents of a given area whose jobs are within that specific area. Examples of jobs in this category include retail sales clerks, kitchen staff workers, maintenance staff employees, and many low-paid jobs in restaurants and hotels. Affordable workforce housing is key to making these types of employment efficient and critical to the American economy. Two reasons this is so. 1) they improve the general population’s access to employment opportunities, and 2) decrease congestion on the roads as commuters are no longer traveling so far… Read More »All about Affordable Workforce Housing