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Converting old hotels into Affordable Workforce Housing. Maxwell Drever is doing it.

Maxwell Drever has advanced the trend of converting old hotels into affordable workforce housing says Maxwell Drever.  He views this as an economical way to provide low-income families with a safe and comfortable place to live. Additionally, renovating old, neglected hotels brings new life into the community where the housing units will be located.

Renovating neglected hotels to become housing units for your workforce also creates jobs, spurs economic development, and transforms an otherwise decrepit building into a beautiful, modern living space. 

You will learn how you can renovate a neglected hotel in the next few paragraphs. But first, why is this proposal important?

Benefits of Renovating Old Hotels to Provide Affordable Workforce Housing

Under proper conditions, renovating old hotels can be an affordable solution for workforce housing, says Maxwell Drever.  Among other things, it can bring new life into the community for the following reasons:

  • The cost of renovating old hotels is comparatively lower than building units from scratch
  • Your workforce will be more productive knowing that their families are accommodated in safe and convenient homes
  • Members of your workforce will be housed in close proximity to each other, and they can provide emotional support for each other
  • The renovated housing units will transform an old-looking building into active community assets
  • You can create additional units within the space of the original hotel structure

 What is the Process of Renovating Old Hotels

The following three steps summarize the process of renovating old hotels to create affordable workforce housing:

Step 1: Identify a Hotel That is No Longer Being Used

The first step is to identify a hotel that is not in use by its owners and has been neglecting over time. You should ensure that the property’s location is convenient for your workforce in terms of proximity to your offices, availability of social and political amenities among other considerations.

You should also evaluate the property in terms of its size, the level of repairs the building requires, and how easily you can convert the building into living spaces for your workforce.

 Step 2: Purchase the Old Hotel Property

Once you have identified the old hotel property that fits your workforce housing needs, research all the information you can find regarding the ownership of the old hotel.

It would help if you know your way around the real estate re-development process,  but it is prudent to hire a local inspection company to evaluate the premises and provide you with feedback. This is an invaluable part of the process, as you will get protection from unexpected costs down the line.

Step 3: Find a Qualified Contractor to Renovate the Hotel

A qualified contractor will help you transform the property from a hotel structure to an apartment housing unit. That your workforce will enjoy living in. A suitable contractor should have prior experience handling similar projects and must provide a detailed work plan for the innovation.

The process of renovating the hotel may include asbestos removal. And installing safety precautions such as installing fire protection and sprinkler systems. Renovations can also include roofing replacement, creating necessary partitions. Updating plumbing and electrical systems, and installing new windows, floor coverings, and fixtures to provide incoming tenants with modern conveniences.

Other areas the contractor will also renovate and expand include the lobby and other common areas.  Finally, work on the internal and external finishing must be done. To make the renovated property appealing to the intended workforce.

Other reasons a  good contractor is critical. 

Renovating an old hotel into affordable workforce housing units requires a qualified and experienced hand. A good contractor should consider both aesthetics and structural appeal of the workforce housing units. The employees of the contractor should demonstrate a history of honest workmanship guided by certified staff.