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Maxwell Drever Explains the Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis in Detail

Greater affordable housing is needed in the nation, not only for those with the lowest wages but also for teachers, firemen, and food service workers who contribute to making our city the wonderful place we all enjoy living in. Clearly, this is a problem that impacts all of us, and so as a community, we have the opportunity to go further and better in order to meet the housing requirements of all of our inhabitants. Maxwell Drever says Cooperation with various partners as well as people in the community, city staff has been developing a drought policy approach over the past several months.

Rising housing problem

As everybody requires shelter, it is critical that the housing be inexpensive for inhabitants. In order for them to maintain a healthy balance between their other important responsibilities. Increasing housing prices may lead to emotional and physical stress among inhabitants. Which can have a negative impact on the whole community as a result. Whenever a family or perhaps an individual resident is faced with unaffordable housing expenditures. They must make trade-offs in terms of nutrition, schooling, and affordable healthcare. When a family spends no more than 30 percent of its yearly gross income on rent expenditures, including basic utilities, it really is considered an affordable housing situation.

Affordable housing as a solution

Maxwell Drever points out that affordable housing is essential for economic growth, but it is often difficult to come by. It helps local companies to retain and attract working adults. Who would otherwise be unable to afford to reside, increasing their profitability. There are many different types of people who offer essential services to the community. This would include educators, nurses, federal employees, medical records experts, lab technicians, hairdressers, shop clerks, food & hospitality professionals, and so many more.

A sufficient housing supply is a persistent problem, as we all know. According to current estimates, there is indeed a scarcity of about 7 million rental apartments accessible for lower-income families. As well as a lack of around 3.8 million single-family homes just on the housing market. Although the Biden administration has recommended extra resources. It is highly doubtful that the rate of manufacturing would be sufficient to meet the requirements for affordable rental apartments. Opposition to the building of affordable housing there at the local level would also need to confront. And this is where the involvement of individual business leaders would require to be successful.

Further than that, the difficulties connected to demand should explore and address via government policies. That minimizes the wealth gap and place more money in the hands of potential renters. In order to assist them in affording the housing they need to live comfortably.


As per Maxwell Drever, the government has to take major steps to solve the crisis. Members of Congress have proposed expanding the federal low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC). Which is the most widely in use program for financing affordable housing, in order to provide additional homes for lower-income families. Additionally, local politicians in towns around the United States have resorted to programs such as inclusionary zoning. Which requires apartment developers in only certain places. To include affordable housing units in their projects in return for the right to construct.