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The Crisis of Affordable Housing Bothers Everyone – Maxwell Drever Highlights the Reasons for It

It is essential to have a house that acts as a shelter for everyone. And this is the reason why the issue of affordable housing bothers every American and other worldwide explains Maxwell Drever. The absence of affordable workforce housing leads to several societal and economic consequences. And in recent times, almost every US citizen has witnessed the housing crisis. Naturally, the crisis has become a concern for most people as there are plenty who don’t have a desired place to live.

Maxwell Drever says that the increasing homelessness in the United States is something that bothers many people. Almost every American city has people who live on the streets or at completely unhealthy homes. And it is certainly not the best way to live and work. If you look at the reports, you will find that close to 550,000 people are homeless nationwide, and that is certainly not a good sight to see.

This number is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem of homelessness is rather acute, and one needs to delve into it more to have a clear understanding about it. You will also find that many Americans sleep in their cars, because they don’t have a home. And there are many such miserable stories when you dig deep about homelessness and the housing crisis in the United States. Hence, the government and other authorities need to look into the issue and come up with adequate solutions.

There’s more to the housing crisis than you imagine

If you want to have a clear idea about the issue of housing crisis, you need to look at the homelessness problem with an eye for detail. The housing crisis issue is complex and way bigger than just people being homeless. Today, the demographic changes quickly, and people are going away from their immediate families. Also, the children and friends are trying to move back to their parents. Also, senior citizens are trying to postpone their retirement. The reason for this is one – many people can’t get a good shelter.

The housing crisis leads to a cost burden

At times, it will do good if you try to understand the housing crisis like an economist. The policymakers reveal that the ones paying over 30% of the post-tax earning on their house rents are witnessing financial stress and are termed as “cost-burdened”. The latest research highlights that almost one-third of the population in America comes under the cost burden. Today, one in seven households ends up paying over 50% of their income as house rent. And close to 40% of the wage earners are not able to get a decent one-bedroom accommodation.

Maxwell Drever says keeping all these concerns in mind, today, there is ample discussion going on about improving the state of the housing crisis in the United States. However, the solutions are mostly elusive. It’s essential to realize that the issue is not about the developers building low-cost residences or housing affordability or enabling the random developers to get tax incentives and other fiscal advantages. However, the solutions currently are elusive. But since the problem is gaining gravitas, it’s essential to arrive at a practical solution soon.