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Home » Maxwell Drever has been a pioneer in driving investments to the affordable workforce housing sector

Maxwell Drever has been a pioneer in driving investments to the affordable workforce housing sector

Not every investment management expert and advisor can protect the interest of investors and at the same time offer good quality of life to people by providing affordable housing. The special outlook of Maxwell Drever about investment helps to meet the dual goal of ensuring good returns for investors and at the same time do some good for people looking for affordable. His efforts have paved the way for driving more investments in the workforce housing sector.

The rising demand for affordable workforce housing has expanded investment options in real estate by looking beyond market-rate buildings. Developers are keen to invest in the sector without compromising the quality of finish and construction of the buildings to available various tax incentives and other financial benefits that help offer low rentals.

The investments in the workforce housing sector positively impact thousands of investors who share the pride of doing something good for society by reducing the number of homeless people.

Reducing commute, more family time increased productivity – view from Maxwell Drever

Although rent affordability is at the heart of the economics that drive the investments in the workforce housing segment, there is another indirect benefit of the program. To keep costs under control, developers usually re-develop unkempt and uncared properties to construct attractive and safe buildings that are pretty affordable. Another special aspect of workforce housing is that these are like colonies for workers close to their work, allowing them to reach the workplace comfortably by avoiding the lengthy commute. 

Less travel means less stress and better health. Staying close to the workplace will enable people to spend more time with their families. Added to this is low absenteeism and higher productivity at the workplace, which is a huge gain that most people fail to note, says Maxwell Drever.

Overall community success

Workers who usually have to move out to the fringes of cities in search of affordable housing can now return to the towns to avail the benefits of affordable workforce housing. Workers who contribute directly to the community like police officers, nurses, teachers, health workers, and caregivers constitute the bulk of the workforce that benefits from the affordable rents. They can devote more time and dedication to their work as they reside near the workplaces, resulting in the betterment of the community they belong to.

Better future for the next generation

 Affordable workforce housing in cities benefits the workers and their families too, who can enjoy a better quality of life compared to living in remote areas. Having access to the various civic amenities in the cities uplifts the lives of the families as children can go to good schools and receive a quality education. In the process, the affordable workforce housing segment paves the way for worker’s families to ensure that the next generation can have better opportunities for starting good careers as comprehensive options are now available.

Where you live matters a lot in life as it impacts your quality of life that bears on the future generations.  Affordable workforce housing allows people to lead a decent life while taking good care of their families.