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Segregation and Pricing Challenges Affecting Connecticut’s Affordable Housing Projects

Connecticut residents are constantly complaining about the state of affordable housing in their area. With growing families and inadequate incomes, the residential housing sector is lagging in numerous ways. At the same time, regional housing plans for urban centers and wealthy communities are bound to enhance segregation within the state. It is a growing cause for concern as the demand for affordable housing is constantly on the rise. According to Connecticut’s National Low Income Housing Coalition, a significant percentage of the state’s renters are under severe burden. With minimum wages being $624 a month against $1,152 fair market rent for a single bedroom apartment, almost half the income goes towards rent leaving little for other expenses like healthcare, education and various basic necessities. Minimum wage workers need to devote at least 74 hours a week to their job in order to afford a modest 1-room rental in the state. These statistics depict just a tip of the iceberg. Here are some other problems that are plaguing the state’s affordable housing industry at present. The Housing Crisis Is Not a New Problem The Connecticut affordable housing crisis has been building for… Read More »Segregation and Pricing Challenges Affecting Connecticut’s Affordable Housing Projects

How To Keep Affordable Housing Livable

The construction of affordable housing is riddled with difficulties. Let’s mention the most obvious one: financial limitations. Communities are also concerned that these often-ugly structures may depreciate the value of nearby properties. Unfortunately, they are right most of the time! However, some solutions can be implemented to help more people live in affordable, safe housing, promoting a productive lifestyle in the process. So, on that note, a few strategies to keep affordable housing great to live in are listed below. Using Pre-Fabrications And Off-Site Construction Architects have long campaigned for modular construction for various reasons, including cost savings, improved quality control, and the ability to move in fast. This method has been employed successfully in inexpensive housing complexes such as New York City’s Carmel Place. Furthermore, Brooks + Scarpa teamed up with Plant Prefab in Los Angeles to develop the Nest LivingHomes toolkit.  It’s a collection of scalable modules that can be assembled into varying combinations to meet the needs and conditions of particular locations. Therefore, Maxwell Drever of drever capital management suggests taking a page out of these companies’ books and incorporating the same approach to keep affordable housing great to live in. Maintaining… Read More »How To Keep Affordable Housing Livable

How to Find Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

There’s no denying that Los Angeles is one of America’s best cities to live in. Moreover, it is the most populated city in California, with a population of nearly 3.9 million. With more and more people moving to the City of Angels, finding affordable housing is becoming difficult. However, this isn’t entirely impossible. You can find a pocket-friendly housing unit in Los Angeles by following a few tips. In this article, Maxwell Drever of drever capital management will discuss four tips for finding affordable housing in Los Angeles. 4 Tips for Finding Affordable Housing in Los Angeles The following are the four best ways to find affordable housing in LA: 1.     Determine Your Budget Before beginning your hunt for the house, it’s advisable to determine the amount you want to spend on housing. This can be handy because it will help you decide what you can do to reduce the rental costs without compromising your quality of life. This all depends on how much you wish to spend on housing. However, it’s always wise to avoid selecting housing options that require excessive spending while providing only a few better features… Read More »How to Find Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Challenges of Creating Affordable Housing in NY – Maxwell Drever

New York is the promised land every red-blooded American wants to call home. This is the city where the American dream was born. Millions have come here and grabbed their slice of pie. As per Maxwell Drever, the wealth generated in New York can set your generations for life; hence many people wish to live here.However, not many can as they struggle to afford the rent in this city. They are struggling because the rent here is the highest in the country. You can easily pay upwards of $3,000 a month for a studio. Thinking about a one to two-bedroom is simply out of the question.But why is a situation like this in New York? Maxwell Drever believes people struggle to live in New York because it has some of the fewest affordable housing projects in the country.You ask why? This is exactly what we highlight in this article. We will discuss the challenges New York faces in creating affordable housing. So without any further ado, let’s jump right in. The following challenges are New York is Crowded As Per Maxwell DreverNew York is the most populous city in the… Read More »Challenges of Creating Affordable Housing in NY – Maxwell Drever

Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant As per Maxwell Drever

Whether you run your own business or work at someone else’s, knowing how to manage your time and resources effectively is incredibly important, as per Maxwell Drever. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos of running your business, but it’s not necessarily easy to make the big decisions that will affect your company’s future; this is where business consultants come in handy.Business consultants are hired by startups and corporations alike to help determine what can be done to improve operations and achieve goals efficiently and effectively.Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a business consultant as per Maxwell Drever. They Help You Identify Your PotentialHiring a business consultant can help you identify your potential and helps to steer your business. The consultant is there to tell you whether or not you have a good business idea or one that will fall flat. They’ll analyze it for you and determine whether it is really worth pursuing. It’s always good to get an outside opinion from someone impartial, especially since, in most cases, your friends and family members may be too supportive or critical of your ideas.… Read More »Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant As per Maxwell Drever

Affordable Housing Challenges Boston Faces As Per Maxwell Drever

Boston is the largest city of the original American thirteen colonies. This city has a rich history, so naturally, people were compelled to live here. However, as the days progress, living here is near impossible because Boston has a serious affordable housing problem. Many reasons make Boston a wonderful place to live, and these reasons have ensured that Boston attracts the attention of the wealthy. Maxwell Drever believes these people, like anywhere else, have driven most of the original Bostonians out by the lack of affordable housing options. And the reason most of these Bostonians are choosing to leave the city altogether rather than finding affordable housing is that there are very few projects. The government couldn’t build new ones because of the following challenges: 1.    Maxwell Drever Believes Gentrification is The Primary Challenge Gentrification is the most significant cause of Boston having an affordable housing problem. This is because gentrification has allowed people of wealth to take over working-class Boston neighborhoods and turned them into expensive neighborhoods that the blue-collar cannot afford. 2.    Spill Over Crowd From New York The second major challenge, according to Maxwell Drever, Boston faces… Read More »Affordable Housing Challenges Boston Faces As Per Maxwell Drever

Maxwell Drever : Pros and Cons of Affordable Workforce Housing

Over the past decade or so, the concept of workforce housing (also known as public housing and social housing) has gained a lot of attention. This is due to the lower rates of rent that these housing units have as compared to similar properties on market rates. However, there is a catch: not everyone can rent these houses. In order to qualify for affordable workforce housing, the income of a household should be in the median range of the area’s income. According to Maxwell Drever, it is important to educate yourself about the concept of workforce housing. Even if you aren’t planning on renting a home, being aware can help you make investment decisions. Workforce housing has a lot of potential in the near future. And irrespective of which side of the fence you are on, you should know about the following pros and cons of workforce housing. Pros of Workforce Housing Maxwell Drever explains that affordable workforce housing can lead to social as well as economic benefits. Following are some reasons why it is beneficial in the short and long run. For the average middle-class citizen, the rent of… Read More »Maxwell Drever : Pros and Cons of Affordable Workforce Housing

Maxwell Drever: Why is Affordable Workforce Housing Important?

Across the United States, life for a middle-income earner is becoming more and more complex due to the unavailability of adequate and affordable housing options within the vicinity of their workplaces. The two factors that play into this are inflation since salaries are not increasing in proportion to daily expenses, and the lack of affordable housing options available as a whole. This forces workers to buy or rent properties on the outskirts of the city where they dwell and therefore contributes significantly to increased traffic and longer commute times. Let us explore why affordable workforce housing is so important. Why Workforce Housing Matters In accordance to Maxwell Drever, Workforce housing is suitable for households with more than 60% of area median income (AMI) and even higher (up to 150%) in major metropolitan cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Despite the availability of subsidies for households that earn less than 60% of AMI, the demand still outweighs the availability by a substantial margin. Such subsidies are not available for those who earn above the minimum limit. Wages have remained still for the past 20 years, which, combined with increasing rent prices,… Read More »Maxwell Drever: Why is Affordable Workforce Housing Important?

Maxwell Drever Explains Reasons to Opt for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing in the United States has been a perpetual crisis. There exists a massive shortage of affordable housing in our country, and the shortfall is estimated to be 7.2 million homes specifically for low-income families. Maxwell Drever says affordable housing, theoretically speaking, refers to real-estate properties offered on rent or sale for a price that is lower than their market value- generally, because of some local council or government scheme. Due to the shortage of safe and affordable housing, U.S. cities are often adversely impacted in many dramatic ways. Cities not capable of stepping up with proper and affordable housing solutions end up driving out residents, losing potential workers, and discouraging growth in their economies.  Maxwell Drever says that it pays to remember that exorbitant housing prices could retard a local economy, resulting in jobs unfilled and relatively lower spending power in specific communities. However, in the event, when affordable housing seems to be readily available, there will be numerous opportunities for people across all income levels. Communities will have more money or spending power, and soon long-term changes will gain momentum.  Affordable housing projects are generally, for specific groups… Read More »Maxwell Drever Explains Reasons to Opt for Affordable Housing

The Crisis of Affordable Housing Bothers Everyone – Maxwell Drever Highlights the Reasons for It

It is essential to have a house that acts as a shelter for everyone. And this is the reason why the issue of affordable housing bothers every American and other worldwide explains Maxwell Drever. The absence of affordable workforce housing leads to several societal and economic consequences. And in recent times, almost every US citizen has witnessed the housing crisis. Naturally, the crisis has become a concern for most people as there are plenty who don’t have a desired place to live. Maxwell Drever says that the increasing homelessness in the United States is something that bothers many people. Almost every American city has people who live on the streets or at completely unhealthy homes. And it is certainly not the best way to live and work. If you look at the reports, you will find that close to 550,000 people are homeless nationwide, and that is certainly not a good sight to see. This number is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem of homelessness is rather acute, and one needs to delve into it more to have a clear understanding about it. You will also find that… Read More »The Crisis of Affordable Housing Bothers Everyone – Maxwell Drever Highlights the Reasons for It